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Palace Theater Poli Club August 5, 2016, with Addison Frei (piano), Paul Beaudry (bass), Philippe Lemm (drums).

Keri Johnsrud Quintet at the Jazz Showcase (2016) feat: Keri Johnsrud (voice), Tom Vaitsas (piano), Christian Dillingham (bass), Neal Alger (guitar) & Greg Artry (drums).

Keri Johnsrud performing the jazz standard "This Can't Be Love" live at the Serbian Village. Featured are Tommy Muellner (piano), Kelly Sill (bass), and Phil Gratteau (drums). Video by Bernadette Garza Barreda.

From Here (Jazz Showcase 2015) - Featuring: Kevin Bales (piano), Dennis Carroll (bass), Greg Artry (drums), Pat Mallinger (sax), Keri Johnsrud (voice)

Performed with guitarist Tim Fitzgerald at the Jazz Showcase in 2014.

Live at the Jazz Showcase - 9/2/14 - 'A Thousand Tears', written by Keri Johnsrud and Kevin Bales, will be featured on the next album; set to be released Spring 2015.

Live at the Jazz Showcase. Featuring Keri Johnsrud (voice), Tom Vaitsas (piano), Patrick Mulcahy (bass) and Jon Deitemyer (drums).

Keri Johnsrud and Kevin Bales with a beautiful version of 'Tis Autumn performed at the Jazz Showcase, November 2012.

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