Keri Johnsrud

Jazz Vocalist/Composer/Music Educator

This latest album by Keri Johnsrud and Kevin Bales showcases the compositions of children's television host Fred Rogers. Featuring: Kevin Bales (piano/arrangements), Keri Johnsrud (vocals), Billy Thornton (bass/vocals), Marlon Patton (drums)

Original vocal jazz album with music written by Keri Johnsrud and pianist Kevin Bales released in 2015. Featuring: Keri Johnsrud (voice), Kevin Bales (piano/Rhodes), Larry Kohut (bass), Jon Deitemyer (drums), Neal Alger (guitar), Stephen Lynerd (vibes)

Keri Johnsrud’s debut jazz album featuring unique arrangements of standards, classic country and modern classical tunes. Featuring: Keri Johnsrud (voice), Matt Nelson (piano), Cory Biggerstaff (bass), Darren Scorza (drums), Ari Seder (guitar), Ogie Merced (percussion), Matthew Cashdollar (flute)

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