Keri Johnsrud

Jazz Vocalist/Composer/Music Educator


 “…there was no mistaking the warmth of her instrument, the radiance of her tone or the buoyancy of her approach to swing rhythm. Add to this Bales’ all-over-the-keyboard technique, and you had proof positive that Rogers’ vignettes could carry a great deal of musical weight.”
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
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“Keri Johnsrud's singing throughout is remarkable, light and soft with elements of poignancy, innocence and sometimes even sensuality. Kevin Bales' piano can gently float over the melodies or pound rhythmically as called for, sometimes evoking the touch of Rogers' own musical director, pianist Johnny Costa.

It pays tribute to Fred Rogers' music and spirit in a fashion that glows with respect and carries over some of the powerful messages of the show itself. It's delicate and moving and one of the highlights of the year's music so far. “
- Michael Bailey, All About Jazz
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“Johnsrud sings the lyrics with great conviction, and she displays a deep knowledge of jazz interpretation.”
- Thomas Cunniffe, Jazz History Online: Crossroads
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"She writes her own lyrics, which have character and intrigue, and sings them in a voice warm and pure, precisely suited to the stories she tells. Some of those tales are mysterious, some hip, and others as guileless as a saint. But in every case, they slice through the jokey irony of pop culture to frame modern insights in fresh new music. She has done her homework; she's thought things through..Johnsrud's voice is an instrument of tempered silver." 
- Neil Tesser, 2014 GRAMMY Award Winner

"For her sophomore effort “This Side Of Morning”…Johnsrud explores a range of emotions in what amounts to a wonderful album of poetry set to music.”
- Ben Scholz, All About Jazz
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“She’s a throwback to the days of singer/songwriter, and handles both roles with freshness and allure.”
- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
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"Johnsrud has a soft, flexible voice with a hint of a Nancy Wilson influence and she knows how to play with lyrics even in a straight Jazz arrangement..."
- Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

“Particularly compelling are the wordless vocals of Keri Johnsrud. Singers frequently talk about their instrument being on equal footing with the other players on the bandstand, and that’s certainly the case with Johnsrud’s contributions…”
- Bobby Reed, Downbeat Magazine

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