Keri Johnsrud

Jazz Vocalist/Composer/Music Educator


Check out past performances here!

It’s You I Like - Video clip from recording session featuring Keri Johnsrud (vocals), Kevin Bales (piano), Billy Thornton (bass), and Marlon Patton (drums).

Just for Once - Studio5 Live Performance of Beyond the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers. Featuring: Keri Johnsrud (vocals), Kevin Bales (piano), Dennis Carroll (bass), and Greg Artry (drums).

From Here (c) Keri Johnsrud Music - Featuring: Kevin Bales (piano), Dennis Carroll (bass), Greg Artry (drums), Pat Mallinger (sax), Keri Johnsrud (voice) at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

This Can’t Be Love - Keri Johnsrud performing live at the Serbian Village. Featured are Tommy Muellner (piano), Kelly Sill (bass), and Phil Gratteau (drums).

‘Tis Autumn (c) Henry Nemo - Keri Johnsrud and Kevin Bales with a beautiful version of 'Tis Autumn performed at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

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